Mastering the Basics

Mastering the Basics

WTF creates structural foundations with slow paced, methodical movements that break bad posture habits and re-pattern the brain and the body to work more efficiently both during training and when targeting recovery techniques.

These 8 practices are necessary to build the foundations to improve your performance while making your training sustainable.

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Mastering the Basics
  • Strong AF Whole Body

    This practice will strengthen your whole body and improve your strengths by targeting your weaknesses.

  • Strengthening your Neck and Shoulders

    This practice will help you build stability in your upper back and neck.

  • Strong AF Hips and Legs

    This strong practice will work your hips into better alignment by working different ranges of motion.

  • Chill AF Back and Core

    Release tension from the back and core to improve overall mobility. If these areas are continuously tight or dysfunctional, then we will never be able to build foundational strength.

  • Chill AF Hips and Legs

    These postures are sequenced to release tension and improve mobility in your lower body, ie: hips and legs.

  • Strong AF Back and Core

    Get ready to use breathing and passive practices to create foundational strength in your back and core.

  • Chill AF Whole body

    This 30 minute practice will restore balance and connection to your whole body.

  • Chill AF Neck and Shoulders

    Restore the movement in your neck and shoulders with these therapeutic techniques. They are designed and sequenced to release tension and restore balance in an area that is commonly stressed and injured.