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  • Strengthen Your Low Back and Core

    2 videos  |   Buy $15.99

    Improve Your Low Back and Core these two practices. They have been paired together to relieve pain and build strength in these overly used areas.
    The core is your foundation for all movement, and to maintain a healthy everyday life, these area use be healthy.

  • Mastering the Basics

    8 videos  |   Buy $49.99

    WTF creates structural foundations with slow paced, methodical movements that break bad posture habits and re-pattern the brain and the body to work more efficiently both during training and when targeting recovery techniques.

    These 8 practices are necessary to build the foundations to improve...

  • Fight Camp Sh*t - Mobility Practices Only

    6 videos  |   Buy $69.99

    These practices were designed to combat the stress of training camps by targeting specific physical dysfunctions that tend to happen under higher levels of stress. They are combined with breath work to maximize the results and I certainly recommend having some background with WTF to pursue these ...

  • Fight Camp Sh*t Breath Practices

    4 videos  |   Buy $39.99

    Your breath will level up your mindset game by slowing you down and forcing awareness in this slower state.
    These practices were specifically designed for training camps. Whether you are a fighter, train like a fighter, or professional athlete you will watch your performance improve with these p...