Fight Camp Sh*t - Mobility Practices Only

Fight Camp Sh*t - Mobility Practices Only

These practices were designed to combat the stress of training camps by targeting specific physical dysfunctions that tend to happen under higher levels of stress. They are combined with breath work to maximize the results and I certainly recommend having some background with WTF to pursue these practices.
(You can rent these basic practices for one week to get the feel for it).

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Fight Camp Sh*t - Mobility Practices Only
  • Training Camp: Building Stamina

    This practice utilizes longer breath ratios with stronger postures to address your ability to stay patient and effective. As we go further into the practice the intensity builds.

  • Training Camp: Thoracic AF

    A practice that strengthens and mobilizes your upper back chest, neck, and shoulders while focusing on breath. I designed this practice specifically to improve the mobility of these areas by strengthening the muscles along the spine. By getting these muscles to engage you will get releases not o...

  • FCS Hips and Humming

    In yoga, working the hips is known for making people agitated while humming out the exhale is known for calming the nervous system. This practice pairs these things to accomplish the goal of better flexibility in your hips and reducing the stress levels both mentally and physically.

  • Training Camp: Core Control

    Your ultimate core practice! EVERYTHING comes from the core. And the core is comprised of the hips, abs, and low back.
    So, in turn, this practice targets those areas along with exercising the breath ratio increasing the challenge.

  • Training Camp: Hip and Shoulder Mobility - Steering

    This practice trains the hips and the shoulders to work as a unit. The integration of that strength can help to decrease injuries to the shoulders because they are then heavily anchored by the hips. In my opinion this is a practice that should be done everyday for a few weeks to get the habit in ...

  • Training Camp: Shoulder Mobility

    Level up your game big time with this practice.
    It targets your upper back and shoulders mostly but demands your attention with the ratio of the breath changing through out the postures.
    It will not only help your shoulders to feel better, but it will train the parasympathetic nervous system to...