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FCS Hips and Humming

Fight Camp Sh*t - Mobility Practices Only • 37m

Up Next in Fight Camp Sh*t - Mobility Practices Only

  • Training Camp: Core Control

    Your ultimate core practice! EVERYTHING comes from the core. And the core is comprised of the hips, abs, and low back.
    So, in turn, this practice targets those areas along with exercising the breath ratio increasing the challenge.

  • Training Camp: Hip and Shoulder Mobil...

    This practice trains the hips and the shoulders to work as a unit. The integration of that strength can help to decrease injuries to the shoulders because they are then heavily anchored by the hips. In my opinion this is a practice that should be done everyday for a few weeks to get the habit in ...

  • Training Camp: Shoulder Mobility

    Level up your game big time with this practice.
    It targets your upper back and shoulders mostly but demands your attention with the ratio of the breath changing through out the postures.
    It will not only help your shoulders to feel better, but it will train the parasympathetic nervous system to...