Beginning Breath Practices

Beginning Breath Practices

These are basic breathing practices that will help you to gain better control over your nervous system, improve your recovery time, and level up your performance. You can do them at anytime of day, however recommend doing them pre-training or just before bed for best results!

Beginning Breath Practices

6 Videos

  • Breath and Mindset - Basic Breathing Technique

    The breath is the foundation of WTF Yoga practices and it is important to be familiar with it so that you can advance forward. Use this practice to become familiar with the 4 parts of the breath and their ratios. You will notice immediate results in your energy levels.

  • Breath and Mindset - Afternoon Nap

    This is one of my most popular live class practices. We will exercise the ratios and build then energy in our body, and emphasize the release of that energy. Enjoy!

  • Breath and Mindset - Chillin’

    Lay down, take some time, maybe you’ll even nap. Whatever you do it will restore your energy and calm your mind.

  • 8 : 4 : 8 : 4 Breath Ratio

    This ratio will begin to challenge your ratio if you are a beginner to breath work.
    If you ahem been working with breath ratios for some now this will be a great ration to simply create a balance of energy in your body.

  • Nod Your Head

    This breath work practice is designed to focus the mind and balance out your energy levels. Helping you to reflect on the highs and lows in your training while relaxing the mind and relieving neck and shoulder pain.

  • Things that make you go hmmm

    This breath practice is targeted towards stress reduction, insomnia, and over training.
    We will use the inhale to build some energy and then begin to hummm out the exhale. The humming causes vibration through the vagus nerve and helps to calm both brain and body. Don't feel silly doing this. We ...