Yoga Snax

Yoga Snax

Sometimes we don't have the time or the energy for even a 25 minute practice, hence, Yoga Snax. These practices are approximately 10-15 minutes long and are tailored to target very specific areas of the body that longer practices normally do not focus on. These practices will improve your training with their detail and focus.

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Yoga Snax

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  • Yoga Snax for the Upper Back

    This practices ensures that we create balance between the chest and upper back by improving mobility and changing our movement habits in this area. It works with the breath to mobilize the rib cage and the shoulders simultaneously, this brings back natural function to our shoulders and reduces th...

  • Yoga Snax for the Knees

    The knees require continual attention. Because they are at the mercy of strength in the feet and the core they require that whole line of muscle and fascia to be functioning well. This practice will target the back of the leg and up into the core creating a strong line that will help with stabili...

  • Yoga Snax for the Ankles

    Your foundations begin in your feet. If there are dysfunctions there they will travel up the body into the knees, hips, low back and eventually further. This practice targets strength, balance, and agility from the bottom up!
    It will pair well with the Started From The Bottom Now We're Here prac...

  • Yoga Snax for the Hip Flexors

    For a muscle to release its tension, the muscle or its antagonist needs to be contracted to create the release. This practice targets both the contraction and the stretch to alleviate tension in the hip flexors and lower abdominals. All of your leg work will improve with this practice.

  • Yoga Snax for the Jaw

    Please make sure to consult your physician!

    Concussions. I am a big advocate for understanding how to work on our own jaw to help with concussion recovery, fatigue, clarity, energy, and perhaps even aesthetics.
    There is fascia everywhere in our body, and when impact hits it the fascia...